The Ministry of Infrastructure has proposed charging vehicles with maximum permissible weights of 12 tons or more to use domestic roads.

According to a draft law prepared by the ministry, this will allow accumulation of between UAH 4 billion and UAH 8 billion in additional funds for financing repair and construction work, depending on the average rate of the charge (UAH 0.5-1 per kilometer).

"Implementation of the draft act will allow proper maintenance and timely repair of public roads and improve their technical condition; repair and reconstruction of existing bridges and overpasses to bring them up to standard; improve safety and organization of traffic (traffic signs, lights, signs, fences, etc.); control and monitor cargo transportation in Ukraine, as well as effective control of the movement of large vehicles and hazardous cargoes; minimize damage to the environment from emissions of harmful gases; improve road infrastructure (road services) while raising its level to European standards," the explanatory note to the draft document states.

The Ministry of Infrastructure also expects this to enable it to create 30,000 additional jobs. In addition, officials expect this approach to allow Ukraine to achieve its transport potential.