The Ministry of Infrastructure intends to introduce a permanent 50% discount on port charges for processing of transit goods. This is stated in a draft ministerial order.

The relevant amendments will be made to Section 1.10 of Paragraph I of the Procedure for Levying and the Rates of Port Charges.

The concrete date from which the permanent 50% discount will enter into effect (from 29 June 2016) is expected to be added to the draft ministerial order. Currently, the discount will be valid for six months when introduced, with the Ministry of Infrastructure deciding whether to prolong or cancel it one month before it expires. There is currently no discount on administrative charges and this is not expected to change.

According to the explanatory note to the draft ministerial order, the last time the Ministry of Infrastructure extended this discount on charges for transshipment of transit goods for six months was in autumn last year. The relevant decree (No. 403) was adopted on 6 October 2015 and introduced after its official publication.