Infrastructure Minister Andrii Pyvovarskyi has said that overhaul of the roads in the Ivano-Frankivsk region will unlock the tourist potential of the Carpathian region. Funds are being spent on the Lvov-Biberka-Ivano-Frankovsk road this year and the next to be overhauled will be the road from Ivano-Frankovsk to Rakhov, Pyvovarskyi said in an interview with Hubs.

"About UAH 550 million on repair of the Lvov-Biberka-Ivano-Frankovsk segment. We will spend an additional UAH 150 million on patching potholes on the Chernovtsy-Ivano-Frankovsk-Mukachevo road…" the minister said.

According to him, investment in roads will significantly revive economic activity. "Then, we will fully unlock the potential of the Carpathian region. It will also encourage people to begin flying to Ivano-Frankovsk, where they can take a taxi or car and travel further on a normal road. These holidays in May demonstrated the huge potential of the Carpathian region," Pyvovarskyi said.

As reported, the government decree No. 323 of May 25 provides for allocation of UAH 547.5 million. These funds will be spent on development of the roads constituting the Ukrainian segment of the Carpathian Euroregion (Mukachevo-Lvov, Tatarov-Kamenetz-Podolsky, and Stry-Mamalyga). In addition, UAH 77.5 million is being allocated for the Stry-Ivano-Frankovsk-Chernovtsy-Mamalyga road (to Chisinau) and UAH 75 million for the Tatarov-Kosov-Kolomya-Borshchev-Kamenetz-Podolsk road.