The Czech transport company, LEO Express, intends to extend the Kosice-Mukacheve bus route by 170 kilometers deep into the Zakarpattia region. The carrier will extended the operation of its buses to Rakhiv from September 1, enabling residents of the eastern part of the region to travel to Prague for UAH 940, the CFTS portal reports.

Buses to Rakhiv will be operated on Mondays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. On the remaining days of the week, LEO Express buses will continue running through Uzhhorod to Mukacheve as before. The new route offers a convenient link with the Czech Republic not only from Rakhiv, but also from three other cities in the Zakarpattia region (Irshava, Khust, and Tiachiv), through which the bus will pass.

The timetable of the bus to Rakhiv is as follows: departure from Kosice at 04:45, arrival in Uzhhorod at 10:00, arrival in Mukacheve at 11:20, arrival in Irshava at 12:25, arrival in Khust at 13:35, arrival in Tiachiv at 14:30, arrival in Solotvyno at 15:00, and arrival in Rakhiv at 16:35. On the return journey, the bus will depart from Rakhiv at 17:30 and arrive in Solotvyno at 19:10, Tiachiv at 19:45, Khust at 20:40, Irshava at 21:45, Mukacheve at 22:30, Uzhhorod at 23:50, and at Kosice at 04:00. The bus will also stop at Bushtyne, Teresva, Velykyi Bychkov, and Dilove.

In Kosice, passengers will be able to transfer to a LEO Express train. The train will arrive in in Kosice from Prague at 04:32 and depart in the opposite direction at 05:00. The cost of a ticket from Rakhiv to Prague starts at CZK 819 or UAH 939. The price of a ticket for September starts at CZK 879 or UAH 1,007.

As reported, LEO Express began operating in Ukraine in October 2015. Since then, the carrier has launched several bus routes: Kosice-Uzhhorod-Mukacheve and Lviv-Katowice-Vienna.

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