The LTG Cargo state railway freight company, which is part of the Lietuvos geležinkelių group (LTG), has begun transporting petroleum products produced at the Orlen Lietuvos refinery (Mažeikiai) to Ukraine, bypassing Belarus, the CFTS portal reports, citing LRT.

The company plans to transport these cargoes two or three times a week, with their monthly volume reaching 30,000 tons by the end of summer.

"Transportation of petroleum products is another important step to help Ukraine solve the problem of shortage of crude oil and contribute to meeting the demand on the country's market," LTG Cargo’s head Egle Sime said.

LTG Cargo noted that the logistics chains that are usual and important for the region were broken after Russia launched the war in Ukraine. According to the company, the country needs to export its products abroad and ensure an uninterrupted supply of fuel for its needs.

LTG Cargo transports petroleum products between the terminals of Mockava (Lithuania) and Trakiszki (Poland) and then through Poland to the Yahodyn checkpoint on the border with Ukraine.

In the future, LTG Cargo plans to “expand the geography of petroleum products by transporting them from the Klaipeda port.