The Lviv region will build a large logistics hub near the border with Poland. Roman Matis, the investment adviser to the governor of the Lviv region, announced this at the international forum "Korea-Ukraine Economic Cooperation".

"Because of an increase in production in the Lviv region, we have a big problem in logistics centers even today. Many manufacturers use centers located in Poland. The ones existing on the territory of the region are already overcrowded, it is impossible to find space there, and we have to consider logistics centers in our nearest neighbors. Therefore, we are currently working intensively on a project for a large overland logistics hub on the territory of the Lviv region. Most likely, it will be on the territory of the Yavorivskyi district, where we have a huge land plot for an industrial park. I am confident that we will consider not production but development of a logistics hub there because it will provide an opportunity to operate on European markets, if necessary," Matis said.

He also said that increased production in the Lviv region was achieved through, among other things, the new program called "Lviv - Europe’s Factory."

"The content of this strategy comes down to very simple steps. These include appeals to the companies that came to manufacture in Eastern European markets 15-20-25 years ago. At that time, they were looking for cheap labor, cheap raw materials, and cheap resources in Poland, Slovakia, and Romania,” Matis said. He stressed that everything has changed in these countries over the past 15-20 years but, compared to them, Ukraine has the same competitive advantages that they themselves previously had.

According to him, a company from Romania and a company from Poland have managed to move to the Lviv region this year alone.