Mostyska Dry Port (known as Mostyska Container Terminal), located near Ukraine's border with Poland, is attracting new cargo traffic with the launch of a mineral fertilizer transshipment service.

The terminal's eight rail tracks allow it to simultaneously receive European 1435 mm gauge railcars and transfer fertilizers to 1520 mm gauge railcars or trucks. The company's handling equipment allows it to receive, store, and ship mineral fertilizers in Big Bags and bags on pallets.

"Although the fertilizer transshipment service at the border is not new, the terminal itself highlights the one truly unique and in-demand option in our time, namely the presence of a customs zone that allows customers to receive and unload fertilizers into the warehouse immediately after crossing the border," the terminal said in comments to the CFTS portal.

According to the terminal, this allows the terminal's regular customers to save an average of UAH 100,000 per day on train downtime while waiting for customs clearance. "Although the situation involving customs clearance has improved generally since the beginning of the year, the terminal's customers continue to enjoy this advantage and the opportunity to save on logistics," the terminal said.

As previously reported, the Mostyska container terminal was put into operation in the summer of last year. Lemtrans and Rail Trans Investment invested in the project. N'UNIT and Levada Cargo are partners in the development of the container business. A grain terminal was also built as part of the project. In 2023, the terminal was equipped with pumping stations to handle liquid bulk cargoes such as sunflower and soybean oil.

Mostyska Dry Port handled over 72,400 TEU of containerized cargo in 2023. The consolidated volume of general, bulk, and liquid cargo handled by the terminal increased to 286,000 tons in 2023. These include 122,000 tons of grain cargo, 62,000 tons of liquid bulk cargo, 35,000 tons of general cargo, and 37,000 tons of bulk cargo.