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New Grain Terminal Near Polish Border Will Be Capable Of Processing 60,000 Tons Of Grain Monthly

The project was implemented during the construction of the Mostyska container terminal.

From the idea of open platform freight cars to the container terminal — the path of Levada-Cargo company for 10 years

Lemtrans Opens Terminal On Ukrainian-Polish Border

Businesses continue to emphasize the need to simplify the procedures for cargo registration during border crossing.

European Market Participants See Prospects For Development Of Additional EU-Ukraine Railway Infrastructure After War

Representatives of transport enterprises know that logistics must adapt to the new geopolitical realities in the long term.

Lemtrans Delivers Another Batch Of Automobiles To Ukrainian Armed Forces

All the pickups came from Europe and they were preliminarily serviced.

The multimodal logistics hub - MOST Logistic Terminal was built on the border with Poland

MOST LT provides various services for cargo transshipment, warehousing and customs clearance of import, export etc.

Chinese-Based CRRC Exploring Possibility Of Working With Private Railway Operators In Ukraine

In particular, CRRC has held talks with Lemtrans.

Ukrzaliznytsia To Launch Pilot Project For Managing Gondola Traffic

The Lemtrans and DTEK companies have agreed to participate in the project.

Lemtrans Adds 110 New Ukrainian-Made Wagons To Its Fleet

The gondola cars were purchased under a five-year financial lease agreement with Privatbank.

Lemtrans Transports 52 Million Tons Of Cargo In 2017

The company transported 19.35 million tons of coal

Lemtrans Leases 172 New Gondola Cars

All gondola cars were made in Ukraine.

Lemtrans Buys 300 New Ukrainian-Made Gondola Cars

All the new railcars are of Ukrainian manufacture.

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