The site for construction of a new airport in the Zakarpattia region has been selected. The airport will be built near Mukacheve. The working name of the airport is Mukacheve-3.

The State Agency for Infrastructure Projects (Ukrinfraproekt) announced this to the CFTS portal.

"All the issues with the local authorities have been resolved. I have just returned from Uzhhorod, where I met with the chairman of the Zakarpattia regional administration, the chairman of the Zakarpattia regional council, and the chairman of the Mukacheve city council... As a result, a memorandum of cooperation on the design and construction of a new airport in the Zakarpattia region was signed today.

“The new airport will have two landing approaches without entering the territory of neighboring countries. In addition, the selected location has optimal weather conditions. During the year, 13-15 cases of visibility falling below 1 kilometer and the wind speed higher than 10 m/s are recorded.

"Currently, the logistics for people traveling from Zakarpattia or people traveling for business, recreation, or family purposes looks rather confusing: 12-14 hours to Kyiv by train, 3.5 hours to the airport in Lviv by car, or a trip abroad to the nearest airports in Poland, Hungary, or Slovakia. We want to provide residents of Zakarpattia access to the transport services that other Ukrainians have," Ukrinfraproekt’s head Kyrylo Khomiakov said.

He also said that the name of the new airport would be determined jointly with residents of Zakarpattia.

Ukrinfraproekt told the CFTS portal that the new site was selected for construction of the airport because the previous two sites had landing routes that required aircraft to enter the territories of a neighboring country. 

The state will build an airfield with a runway length of 2,800 meters, which will allow it to handle aircraft of the A320/B737 class. The forecast cost of construction of the airfield is UAH 3.03 billion. The airport will be able to handle over 1 million passengers per year. The passenger terminal will be built under the terms of a public-private partnership.