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Slovak Truckers Begin Blocking Border Crossing Leading To Uzhhorod

The Slovaks are blocking trucks traveling from Ukraine to Slovakia, but not those traveling to Ukraine.

Slovak Carriers Threaten To Block Ukrainian Trucks On Slovak-Ukrainian Border

Long queues of trucks heading to Ukraine have already formed at the Vysne Nemecke - Uzhhorod border crossing.

Nova Poshta To Start Operations In Slovakia In October

Customers will be able to send documents and parcels weighing up to 100 kg.

Slovakia Joins Poland And Hungary In Suspending Grain Imports From Ukraine

However, the country decided not to restrict the transit of Ukrainian agricultural products through its territory to third countries.

Slovakia Willing To Transfer Its MiG-29 Fighter Jets To Ukraine

Preparations to transfer the aircraft may begin soon.

Slovak Railways Resume Train Service To Ukraine

The Mukacheve - Košice train resumed operation on December 11.

Mukacheve - Košice Train Service To Resume In December

Trains will run in both directions twice a day.

Slovakia To Transfer 30 T-72 Tanks To Ukraine - Mass Media

Bratislava is expected to replace them with Leopard tanks from Germany.

Zakarpattia Regional Council Increases Funding For Uzhhorod Airport

The airport’s statutory capital was increased by UAH 26 million.

Ukrzaliznytsia Resumes Operation Of Passenger Trains To Slovakia

This was made possible by an agreement between the Ukrainian and Slovak railways and the improvement of the pandemic situation.

New Zakarpattia Airport To Be Built Near Mukacheve

The working name of the new airport is Mukacheve-3.

Slovakia Suspends Operations Of Some Checkpoints On Border With Ukraine

Three checkpoints on the Slovakian-Ukrainian border were closed on 9 November.

Ukraine And Slovakia Sign Agreement On Resumption Of Uzhhorod Airport’s Operation

The signing of the agreement will also help to strengthen Ukrainian-Slovakian relations in the field of civil aviation and broaden opportunities for international flights.

New Airport To Be Built In Zakarpattia Region Within Two Years

The exact location of the airport is not yet known.

2019 marked by challenges and development in Raben Group

Raben Group closed 2019 with an increase in revenue, with the bottom line exceeding 1.2 billion euros, and the list of successes includes the development of the European logistics network and expanding the connections with Germany.

New Railway Route Links Slovakia With China Via Ukraine

Metrans’ new container train route from China to Slovakia through Ukraine is considered more competitive than the existing routes via Belarus and Poland.

Mukacheve-Kosice Train’s Passengers Include Citizens Of Paraguay, Argentina, And South Korea

The train is a little more popular with foreigners than Ukrainians.

Kosice-Mukacheve Train Completes Test Trip

The first train, which will begin regular operations from Kosice in June, has arrived in Mukacheve.

Mukacheve-Kosice Train To Be Launched In June

Ukrzaliznytsia has a preliminary agreement with the Slovak side.

Border Towns In Slovakia And Hungary Transforming Into Parking Lots For Ukrainian Foreign-Registered Vehicles

Population centers on the Ukrainian border in Slovakia and Hungary have been flooded with abandoned foreign-registered vehicles.

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