The Nibulon company has exceeded the Soviet record for the volume of cargo transported by vessels on the Southern Bug River, which runs through Mykolaiv.

According to Nibulon, the company’s vessels have performed more than 150 trips on this river and transported 300,000 tons of grains and oilseeds since beginning navigation in 2016. During the Soviet era, the record for cargo transportation on the river was 50,000 tons of grain per year.

This quantity of agricultural products was shipped from the company's terminals in the Novoodeska and Voznesenskyi districts of the Mykolaiv region. The company estimated that the volume of cargo it transported by river is the equivalent to the volume transported by more than 11,000 trucks.

The company plans to increase the volume of cargo transportation on the Southern Bug River to 2 million tons per year (1 million tons of grains and 1 million tons of construction materials).

According to experts with Nibulon, every 1 million tons of grain transported on the Southern Bug River reduces the number of trucks on roads by more than 42,000. In addition, fuel savings total more than 2,500 tons and emissions into the atmosphere reduce by 8,200 tons when 1 million tons of goods are transported by river instead of by road.