The Nibulon company is performing large-scale reconstruction of the facilities at the Mykolaiv shipyard. The company is currently restructuring the shipyard’s slipway.

In the long term, the shipyard expects to lay five additional tracks to allow ships with lengths of up to 140 meters to be launched, the CFTS reports, citing the company’s Facebook page.

"The Nibulon company plans to lay five additional tracks, which will allow construction and launch of vessels with lengths of up to 140 meters. This is the design length of the self-propelled cargo ship that the company plans to build under the P-140 project. The vessel will have a cargo capacity of 10,000 tons. Construction of the vessel is planned for next year," the company said.

Meanwhile, Nibulon plans to launch the first non-self-propelled with a length of 101 meters under the V5000 project at the beginning of 2018.

The company announced the construction of two barges of a new type in November. Nibulon plans to build 24 such vessels by the year 2022.

The company is also considering entering the passenger transport market in the Odesa region by launching a high-speed catamaran between Odesa and Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi.