Carriers’ costs have reduced seven-fold, thanks to reforms at the Odesa customs. The deputy general director of the Association of International Freight Forwarders of Ukraine, Viktor Berestenko, announced this at an anti-corruption forum in Odesa, Economic Pravda reports.

According to him, inadequate transport infrastructure and the situation in the transport industry make the Odessa region unfavorable to carriers. However, some progress can be observed today.

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According to Berestenko, the minimum cost of clearance of goods for carriers was USD 170 before the beginning of the reforms at the Odesa customs, and this amount was pegged to a foreign currency.

"Today, some services are free and those that are paid are pegged to the national currency. We now pay a minimum of UAH 580," said Berestenko.

"That is, the result of the work of the team at the Odesa customs in less than one month is reduction of costs seven-fold, simplification of procedures, and fewer inspections. In addition, prices are in the national currency, which allows us to plan operations, fix prices, fix contracts in the national currency," he added.