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E-Queue System For Trucks Launched At Yahodyn - Dorohusk Border Crossing

Inspectors from Ukraine’s State Transport Safety Service are on duty at the border crossing, helping drivers to understand the new system.

E-Queue System For Trucks To Be Launched At Yahodyn-Dorohusk Border Crossing On 12 December - Infrastructure Ministry

It will be possible to monitor the progress of queues openly on the system's website

Separate Lanes Opened For Trucks Going Into Poland At Krakovets–Korczowa Border Crossing

The lanes were opened for the inspection of empty trucks.

Electronic Queue Management System For Vehicles To Be Launched At Border Crossing In October

The electronic queue system will initially be test-launched at a border crossing.

European Commission Waives Customs Duties And VAT On Import Of Life-Saving Goods For Ukrainians

This measure will apply retroactively from 24 February 2022 and remain in effect until 31 December 2022.

Ukraine And Poland Seeking To Create Common Customs Area To Speed Up Cargo Turnover At Border

Several border crossings between Ukraine and Poland could be the first pilot projects in this experiment.

Ukraine Closes Border To Foreigners

The border has been closed for an initial two weeks.

Ukraine To Stop Issuing Visas At International Airports On January 1

Foreigners will now be able to enter Ukraine on electronic visas.

Ukraine and Hungary Begin Sharing Information about Goods Crossing Their Border

This is the second information-sharing project between Ukraine and an EU country.

Another Automobile Crossing To Be Built On Ukrainian-Polish Border

The project itself should be ready by the end of this year.

Ukraine And Poland To Introduce Joint Customs Control Of Trucks

Two sides signed a protocol on distribution of the annual quota of 200,000 international trucking permits

Period Of Customs Clearance At Ukrainian Ports To Be Reduced Further

The Ministry of Infrastructure and the State Fiscal Service have signed a memorandum of cooperation on information technology, which improves the process of handling cargoes.

Odessa Customs Lowers Minimum Tariff 7-Fold

Carriers’ costs have reduced seven-fold, thanks to reforms at the Odesa customs. The deputy general director of the Association of International Freight Forwarders of Ukraine, Viktor Berestenko, announced this.

Odesa Customs Will Not Clear Chinese And Turkish Goods - Saakashvili

The Odesa Customs will process only goods from the European Union, the United States, Japan, Canada, and Australia and reject Chinese and Turkish goods because they are "a potential source of corruption."

Agreement Reached Not To Inspect Containers Unnecessarily At Customs In Odesa

The heads of various services and agencies have signed a joint order stating that containers passing through the Odessa customs should not be inspected unnecessarily.

Cabinet Discussing Outsourcing Of Customs Services To Foreign Company

"We are negotiating transfer of management of the customs to a foreign company," said Aivaras Abromavicius

Ukraine Exempts Hybrid Vehicles From Special Import Duty

The commission concluded that Ukraine's national interests require exemption of hybrid cars from special import measures.

Southern Customs Stops Sealing 100% Of Containers At Odessa Port

The cancelation of the mandatory 100 percent sealing has reduced the time that container trucks spend at the port

Speed Of Processing Trucks With Containers Increases 2-3 Times In Odessa And Ilyichevsk Ports In 2014

The average time that container trucks spent at the Odessa seaport reduced by 70% to 3 hours

Ukraine May Impose Import Duties On Equipment And Vehicles From Russia

The list also includes building materials, agricultural products, agricultural engineering products, furniture, and others.

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