More than 100,000 tons of cargoes are stuck at the Port of Klaipeda after Russia restricted the ability to inspect food and raw materials being transported to the Customs Union through Lithuania, Regnum reports.

The director of Lithuania’s State Food and Veterinary Service, Jonas Milius, claims that the situation is currently complicated throughout Europe. According to him, negotiations are taking place but a quick solution is unlikely: "Such a situation has developed not only in the Klaipeda seaport, but also throughout Europe. Of course, it is more painful for Klaipeda because it exports more than Latvia Estonia, and Poland. We are putting in the most effort because the negotiations are the most painful thing. We will negotiate."

"Russia wants products to be safe. There are various figures in the business who claim that beef [is being transported] when [what is actually being transported] is pork from Spain. This deception exists, and it is difficult for them to figure out who did what when we are participating in this process," Milius told the Žinių Radijas radio station.