The Kherson airport handled 150,100 passengers in 2018, which is 41.7% more than the number of passengers it handled in 2017. The number of passengers on domestic flights increased by 155.7% and the number on international regular flights by 7.2% compared with 2017.

The Kherson airport provided this information to the CFTS portal.

The number of passengers on domestic flights totaled 60,600 and the number on international regular flights 68,400 in in 2018. In addition, 21,100 passengers used charter flights from the Kherson airport in 2018, an increase of 14.6%, compared with 2017.

The airport handled 1,352 flights in 2018, including 720 domestic, 412 international, and 220 charter flights. The total number of flights handled by the airport increased by 62% in 2018, compared with 836 in 2017.

Domestic flights to the airport are operated by Ukraine International Airlines (on the Kyiv-Kherson route) and international flights by the Turkish Airlines (Istanbul-Kherson route). Bravo Airlines began operating flights from Kherson to Lublin on June 15, 2018, but it ended the flights at the end of the year. Meanwhile, according to the Kherson airport’s head Vitalii Kucheruk, the passenger load factor of aircraft on this route increased threefold (from 20% to more than 60%) within a few months.

As reported earlier, the Kherson airport handled 105,900 passengers in 2017. This represented a 69.44% increase compared with 2016.

The airport resumed operation in April 2013 after a long break.