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Photographs Showing Current State Of Kherson Airport Released

The airport administration invites everyone to help clear the rubble in the airport terminal.

Turkish Cargo Ship Damaged In Kherson Port During Russian Attack On City

The ship was struck twice on the starboard side, as a result of which it began listing away from the dock.

Russian Occupiers Steal 37 Public Transportation Vehicles In Kherson

80% of the electric transport’s catenary system was also damaged.

14 Merchant Ships Remain In Kherson Port

Seven of these vessels belong to Turkish shipowners.

2 Ships Damaged In Kherson Port Due To Russian Attack

A fire broke out on one of the ships.

4 Temporary Crossings Built And 245 Km Of Roads Cleared In Liberated Kherson Region

Three subcontractors and 27 pieces of equipment are involved in the works.

Russia Fires On Zakharia Floating Crane In Kherson

The crane was supposed to return to Turkey in spring this year, but the Russian invasion prevented it.

3 Temporary Crossings Built In Liberated Areas Of Kherson Region

In addition, 190 kilometers of international highways and streets have been cleared in the region.

Ukrposhta Delivers Over 2,000 Parcels To Kherson Under ‘Railway Mail Service’ Joint Project With Ukrzaliznytsia

These were parcels that could not be delivered because of the Russian invasion and occupation of the city.

What Kherson Airport Looks Like Today: First Photographs From Chornobaivka

The airport was essentially destroyed during military operations.

Ukrposhta To Issue Stamp Dedicated To The Liberation Of Kherson

This will be the first stamp in honor of hero-cities that received this title while Ukraine has been repelling Russian aggression.

Antonivskyi Bridge In Kherson Is Fully Destroyed (photos)

Apparently, the bridge was blown up by Russian troops.

Russian Occupiers Loot Fire Engines, Buses, And Ambulances From Kherson - Military Administration

The enemy is removing utility enterprises’ equipment.

Russian Occupiers Ban Civilians From Entering Kherson Region

Collaborators are using a potential breach of the Kakhovka Reservoir’s dam to intimidate Kherson residents.

Russian Military Moving Barges Into Position To Construct Floating Bridge Next To Damaged Antonivka Bridge In Kherson

However, a floating bridge would likely still be vulnerable to Ukrainian offensive action.

Bridge Near Kakhovka Hydroelectric Power Plant Rendered Unusable - Ukrainian Armed Forces

The Ukrainian military retains “fire control” over the Russian occupation forces’ logistics routes in the Kherson region.

Russian Military Using Seaport In Occupied Skadovsk As Base For Placement Of Equipment - Mayor

According to the mayor of Skadovsk, the port is not in operation and no ships are calling there.

Ukrainian Armed Forces Launch New Attack On Antonivskyi Railway Bridge

The Russian occupiers use the bridge to transfer military equipment, weapons, and personnel.

Russian Invaders Steal Two Barges Belonging To Nibulon

Nibulon used one of the barges to transport watermelons from southern Ukraine to Kyiv.

SMG Announces Loss Of Control Over Kherson Shipyard

The Russian military is not allowing the shipyard’s administration and employees to enter its territory.

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