Poland’s General Directorate of National Roads and Motorways of Poland (GDDKiA) plans to invite tenders for construction of 882 kilometers of automobile roads at the total cost of PLN 44.3 billion (EUR 10.6 billion) in the next few years, CFTS reports, citing the Forsal.pl the publication. The directorate could invite tenders for construction of roads worth about EUR 2.5 billion out of this amount in 2016.

Several experts are predicting that such investments will be a strong incentive for development of the Polish construction industry in the coming years. For example, Bartłomiej Lachowicz, an analyst with the KPMG international consulting firm, believes that "the construction industry has long been waiting for this moment. Loads can be expected in 2016-2018."

The biggest tenders involve four contracts for construction of the A1 motorway from Pyrzowice to Czestochowa and three contracts for construction of a southern bypass of Warsaw. As reported earlier, GDDKiA has signed contracts for construction of 44 road sections at the total cost of PLN 15.7 billion (EUR 3.7 billion) since the beginning of 2014.