The Poltava airport received the first passenger flight after its reconstruction on July 29, the CFTS reports, citing the Novosti Poltava publication.

About 30 tourists/aviation enthusiasts from Europe, the United States, and China flew to an upgraded air gate on a Yak-40 aircraft owned by the Motor Sich airline from Zaporizhia.

"We are a group of foreign aviation enthusiasts and we often like flying to other cities on airplanes such as the Yak-40. Ukraine is a very beautiful country. We are in Poltava for the first time," a tourist from the Netherlands said after the airplane landed.

Construction work at the Poltava airport began in 2018. It included repair of the airport’s apron, its runway, and its passenger terminal. The first passenger flight was expected to depart from here in May with tourists flying to Antalya (Turkey). However, the launch of charter flights was postponed indefinitely because the airport was not ready. The completion of the repair work at the airport was announced in late June.