The Ministry of Infrastructure’s order that raises the tariffs for cargo transportation by rail by 30% was published January 31, and it has entered into force, the Interfax Ukraine news agency reports.

According to the document, the 30% rate increase applies to all groups of goods, except coal, the rate for which will be raised by 10% in February and by 18.2% in April.

As reported, in January 2015, the State Railway Administration’s Acting General Director Maksym Blank said that the tariffs for transportation of coal in the country would be increased by 10% during the heating season despite the fact that the tariffs for rail freight will increase by February.

Previously, it was also stated that this tariff increase would facilitate partial stabilization of the financial situation of Ukrainian railways prompted, in turn, by a fall in traffic, increases in prices of products for the needs of the industry, increase of the debt burden due to the appreciation of foreign currencies, etc.

Freight rates increased by 12.5% in 2014.