Russia’s federal budget will continue supporting regional flights next year. It will allocate RUB 679.8 million (USD 17.9 million) for subsidizing flights to the Crimea next year. This is RUB 1.3 million more than it allocated in the current year, Rosiyskaya Gazeta reports, citing the draft budget for 2015.

In general, the budget for year will allocate more than RUB 8.7 billion (USD 229 million) for subsidizing flights, which is practically the same as the amounted that was allocated for it this year.

Subsidies for air travel from Kaliningrad to mainland Russia are estimated to total RUB 467 million (USD 12.3 million), which is RUB 2 million less than the amount allocated in this year. Budget subsidies for flights from the Far East to the European part of Russia will total RUB 3.372 billion (USD 88.8 million).

RUB 620 million (USD 16.3 million) will be allocated for financing subsidies to airlines flying on domestic routes in the Volga Federal District, provided that local governments also support the development of regional aviation.

RUB 3.58 billion (USD 94 million) is planned for creation of a regional network of routes in Russia as a whole, same as the amount allocated in 2014.