The Ukrainian Armed Forces’ Southern Operational Command has announced that Russian invaders launched rocket attacks on the Mykolaiv region on 21 June, which destroyed port infrastructure.

"Mykolaiv and Ochakiv were simultaneously attacked by cruise missiles in the morning. Port infrastructure was hit, trucks were destroyed, and buildings belonging to enterprises and electrical networks were damaged," the Southern Operational Command said in a statement on 21 June, the CFTS portal reports.

The Southern Operational Command released the following statement earlier in the day: "Missile strikes from the air and multiple launch rocket systems from the Kherson direction were again launched against Mykolaiv and its suburbs in the morning. The enemy continues to destroy port infrastructure and agricultural fields."

It did not specify the port infrastructure that was destroyed.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian military has provided a little more information about the outcome of the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ massive attack on the Snake Island. "In continuation of the operation to strike the enemy units on the Snake Island, a Pantsir-S anti-aircraft missile system, a radar station, and vehicles were hit. The final results are being reconnoitered," the statement said.