Russia has threatened to reduce the supply of natural gas to member countries of the European Union to prevent reverse gas supplies to Ukraine, the Dozhd television channel reports, citing the Financial Times publication.

According to a European diplomat, representatives of Russia are speaking quite openly about reduction of gas supplies to the European Union. In addition, a member of the European Commission told the publication that the ultimate aim of the possible reduction of gas supplies to the European Union is Ukraine, but European consumers could suffer because of this.

In comments on the issue, a spokesman for the Gazprom gas company told the Financial Times that he was hearing about reduction in gas supplies for the first time.

As reported, reverse gas supplies to Ukraine from Slovakia began on September 2 this year. The head of the Naftogaz of Ukraine national oil and gas company’s head Andrii Kobolev said earlier that Ukraine would meet about 40% of its needs for imported gas through reverse supplies from Europe.