Russia has launched a railway line connecting the Zhuravka and Millerovo population centers in the Voronezh and Rostov regions. This railway segment runs almost parallel to the old railway line that crosses the territory of Ukraine in the east of the Lugansk region.

"Movement of labor on the Zhuravka-Millerovo segment is open. We can now say that this dual-track electrified railway, which was built to bypass neighboring Ukraine, has started operation," a source told the Interfax news agency.

According to the source, "traffic intensity on this railway segment will increase, and the Ministry of Transport, the Russian Railways, and other relevant entities are implementing the relevant plans."

Russia decided to build a bypass railway line for trains traveling from its central regions to its southern regions in 2015.

As reported earlier, the railway line will start operation on 15 August, almost a year earlier than the planned. The railway line has a total length of 137 kilometers. It was built by soldiers.