The Russian Railways has not yet received instructions from the Russian government regarding the Crimean railway infrastructure, the Russian Railways’ President Vladimir Yakunin told the Prime publication.

"We have not yet received anything. We are operating as usual. The Caucasus-Crimea ferry is used heavily,” Yakunin said on the sidelines of the Russian Business Week on Thursday.

The head of the Russian Railways added an independent railway structure was still to be created that the Crimea. "When it emerges, an opportunity to discuss [the participation of the Russian Railways] will also emerge. For now, it will be an independent railway or company... Its legal form is not yet clear. Accordingly, everything else will depend on decisions of the government agencies of the republic and Russia," said Yakunin.

In addition, he said that the Russian Railways has no interest in Crimean ports. "We have the Caucasus port, and that is quite sufficient for us,” he said.

A representative of the Russian Railways said on Wednesday that the company was ready to participate in the drafting of a project for construction of a road and rail bridge across the Kerch Strait. Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a meeting with the government that the bridge project must include a rail component.