The volume of cargo transshipment at Ukrainian seaports reduced by 21.7% to 8.831 million tons in January, compared with the corresponding period of last year. The press service of the Ukrainian Seaport Authority announced this in a statement.

"The reasons that resulted in the reduction of transshipment of the main types of goods include the adverse weather conditions at the beginning of January 2016, the reduction in the volume of coal and ore mining in Ukraine, the reduction in the volume of coal imports for power plants, and the reduction of the flow of transit ore cargoes. In addition, the reduction in the processing of liquid bulk cargoes is related to the reduction of the volumes of transit petroleum products from Russia and Belarus," the statement said.

Seaports handled 6.24 million tons of export cargo, 1.63 million tons of import cargo, 938,000 tons of transit cargo, and 25,000 tons of domestic cargo.

The volume of container handling at seaports reduced by 8% to 40,734 TEU in January, compared with January 2015.

State-owned operators under the control of the Ministry of Infrastructure handled 2.739 million tons (31% of the total volume of cargo traffic through Ukrainian seaports). Other operators (mainly private) handled 6.092 million tons (69%) through all berths, including 3.312 million tons (38%) through the berths under the control of the Ukrainian Seaport Authority.