Movement of trains on the Nasvetevich-Rubezhnoye stretch of the Svatovo-Lisichansk railway section was suspended on May 22 plot because of the blocking of a railway bridge, the Interfax Ukraine news agency reports, citing the press service of the Donetsk Railways.

In connection with this, the Lugansk-Kiev train No. 126/125 and the Kharkov-Lugansk train No. 325/326 have been canceled while the Donetsk-St. Petersburg train No. 144/143 has changed its route.

Furthermore, the commuter trains Nos. 6344, 6341, and 6346 that operate between Popasnaya and Svatovo have been canceled.

"In this situation, passengers planning railway trips should request clarifying information at railway ticket offices and information offices at train stations, and they should also listen for announcements at train stations and stations where all changes to train timetables are regularly announced via public address systems," the Donetsk Railways said.

The Donetsk Railways is promising to refund passengers who have bought tickets for long-distance trains if their trains do not reach the desired station. If a ticket was purchased to a station through which a train passes, a passenger can return the ticket on general grounds.

As reported, traffic on the Lozovaya-Slavyansk-Druzhkovka and the Forpostnaya-Krasny Liman sections in the Bukino-Izyum-Kharkov and Tropa-Kupyansk directions was suspended on May 2. As a result, 14 pairs of passenger trains have changed their routes, two pairs of long-distance passenger trains and 29 pairs of commuter trains have been canceled, and nine pairs of commuter trains have changed their routes.