The Siemens company (Germany) is hoping for emergence of private locomotive traction in Ukraine. Dmitry Chornenky, the head of the Integrated Transport Systems Department at Siemens Ukraine, announced this, the CFTS correspondent reports.

"We are very much hoping for emergence of private locomotive traction. Firstly, we will offer our ready electric locomotives. Secondly, we will immediately enter into a partnership with Ukrainian manufacturers. We have many offers for them, as well as for industrial and financial groups that are interested in business in Ukraine. However, for now, neither we nor they are confident in the future," Chornenky said.

According to him, there are enough people willing to start businesses in Ukraine, but they will not do so until the laws and rules of the game change.

"The first thing that needs to change is the rules on the railroad – allow private carriers to enable them to have access to the network, formulate tariffs, and etc.," he said.

At the same time, according to Chornenky, Siemens is not interested in organizing joint production in Ukraine.

"What is a joint production? It means that I have to take money or technology, bring them here, and give them to someone else. Therefore, joint production is not interesting," said Chornenky.

According to him, Siemens can supply components for production. "But, again, we are ready to supply components for hundreds of locomotives; for two - it is meaningless. It is business, nothing personal," he said.