A simplified border control system for passengers called e-gate was introduced at the Terminal D of the Boryspil international airport (Kiev) on July 26, the press service of the airport has announced.

The system has already been tested successfully at the airport’s terminals B and F.

The service is accessible to both residents and non-residents. For this, it is necessary to order a special electronic card, onto which all the basic information about the identity of the passenger is entered. "It is essentially your international passport, but in a more convenient format. With the help of this card, an individual can be identified automatically through the e-gate system,” the airport said on Facebook.

Special scanning machines are installed at the arrival and departure areas of the terminals D and F. Mostly, there are no queues to use the scanning machines. To undergo border control, a passenger needs to bring the card up to the scanning machine’s display and hand his passport to the border guard. This procedure takes two minutes, said the airport.

The card can be obtained from the "Card Issuing Point" on the first floor of the terminal F. To obtain the card, a passenger needs to write an application and make the necessary payment, but the airport did not specify the cost of the card.

According to the Boryspil airport, more than 20,000 citizens of Ukraine are already using the electronic card. Similar control systems are in operation in about sixty countries.