The SkyUp airline, which began operating flights in May 2018, has delivered a report on its operations over a period of one year.

The airline transported 870,000 passengers on 5,203 flights during this period, the CFTS portal reports.

The airline began operating on 10 routes in May 2018. It is now operating on 31 regular and 15 charter routes as of May 2019.

The most popular destinations for the airline’s regular flights are Tbilisi, Barcelona, Larnaca, Poprad, and Sofia.

The SkyUp airline currently has a fleet of seven aircraft – five Boeing 737-800 and two Boeing 737-700.

The number of the company’s employees has increased from 148 to 450 in the past year. It trained 40 co-pilots and 76 flight attendants under its cadet program during this period.

The airline’s General Director Yevhen Khainatskyi recently said that it was awaiting delivery of its eighth (reserve) aircraft.