SkyUp Airlines has announced that following the closure of the Ukrainian airspace because of the Russian armed aggression against Ukraine, it has found work for some of the aircraft in its fleet by concluding wet leasing contracts with nine companies and that cooperation with five of these companies is still continuing. 

Flight safety inspectors have performed 22 inspections of SkyUp Airlines flights at various airports in 2022 because the company's planes continue to fly in Europe, the CFTS portal reports, citing information from the airline. 

"The SAFA ratio is a system for assessing the level of flight safety of foreign aircraft, and it ranges from 0 to 1. The closer an airline is to the 0 indicator, the higher its level of safety. SkyUp’s SAFA ratio is currently 0.3, which shows a high level of compliance with flight standards and safety. In addition, we are passing audits by partner airlines that wet-lease our aircraft," the airline said. 

"Two months ago, we received a TCO authorization in Switzerland: we passed an audit and received documentary confirmation of compliance with Swiss aviation safety standards," SkyUp Airlines said. 

It was reported in August that about 10 of the airline's planes were flying in Europe for other airlines on wet leasing terms.