The Union of Road Hauliers of Slovakia (UNAS) has threatened to block Ukrainian carriers on the Slovak side of the border if the European Commission does not reintroduce commercial transport permits within the European Union.

The CFTS portal reported this.

According to the report, long queues of trucks heading for Ukraine have already formed at the Vysne Nemecke - Uzhhorod border crossing. The priority remains the transportation of perishable food, animals, and humanitarian aid, and drivers must present the necessary documents for the cargo they are carrying.

Those who are not carrying perishable goods must wait 4–5 days.

According to estimates by the Slovak association of transport companies CESMAD Slovakia, Ukrainian truck traffic has increased by about 600-800% in the past year and a half. This is, of course, because of the war and the blockade of Ukrainian seaports, which is why the European Union abolished trucking permits for Ukrainians.

However, the Slovaks argue that this also creates room for numerous violations. Therefore, Slovak carriers have asked the Ministry of Transport of Slovakia to check Ukrainians more thoroughly for illegal transfers, technical negligence of vehicles, and fraud involving tachographs. In addition, they asked the EU Council to reintroduce transport permits for Ukrainian trucks.

UNAS Chairman Stanislav Skala said they would demand the reintroduction of permits for Ukrainian carriers.

"If the European Transport Commission does not do this, UNAS is ready to immediately support Polish carriers at the border and block Ukrainian carriers from crossing the border on the Slovak side," Skala said.