Terminals belonging to the TIS group of companies increased their volume of cargo transshipment to 12.836 million tons in the first half of the year, 20% more than their cargo transshipment volume in the corresponding period of 2014. The head of the Yuzhny port authority, Maksym Shirokov, announced this at a press conference, the CFTS correspondent reports.

On the contrary, the volume of cargo handling by the state-owned Yuzhny Commercial Seaport reduced by 5.1% to 7.9 million tons. The total volume of cargo handling at the Yuzhny port increased by 10% in the first half of the year, with port operators of all ownership forms handling 24.257 million tons of cargo, Shirokov said.

The Borivage company also increased its cargo (grain) transshipment volume by 4.8% and the Delta Wilmar company increased its cargo (oil) transshipment volume by 46%. However, the cargo transshipment volumes of a number of companies – OPZ (chemical cargoes), Stevedoring Terminal (petroleum products), Allseeds, Risoil (oil), and others – reduced. Shirokov also said that private operators accounted for 59% of the total volume of cargo handled (compared with 56% in the first half of 2014) and state operators 41% (44%).

According to Shirokov, the volume of transshipment of ore increased by 2.189 million tons or about 20% mainly because of exports to China and Korea. The volume of transshipment of grains also increased by 0.7 million tons or 17%, feed by 145,000 tons or almost three-fold, and coal by 20,000 tons or 0.7%. The volumes of transshipment of metal, meal, soy, and wood chip (in the category of "other goods") also increased. The volume of transshipment of oil reduced by about 70,000 tons or 13%, ammonia by 187,000 tons or 11%, and containers by about 17,000 tons or 6%.

Overall, exports from the Yuzhny port increased by 8.7% and imports by 96% (due to steam coal). Transit reduced by 17%.

The largest shipper through the Yuzhny port is the SCM group, which handled 11.3 million tons (47% of the total turnover of the port) in the first six months of 2015. Out of this volume, it handled 6.4 million tons (83%) through the Yuzhny Commercial Seaport’s PRR-2 terminal and 4.90 million tons (89%) through the TIS Coal terminal. In total, there are 13 operators at the Yuzhny port, including three state operators.