Dniprovskyi Metropoliten, the municipal enterprise operating the Dnipro subway, has announced a competition to supply a five-car subway train with open inter-car passenger gangways in the European Union tender system.

According to the announcement, the Ukrainian city intends to purchase a new 5-car subway train, together with spare parts and consumables, equipment and tools for maintenance, repair, and related services for a total amount of EUR 7.368 million (excluding customs duties and taxes).

The subway train is to be delivered within 22 months, and bids are to be submitted by 21 May 2024.

According to the website Alltransua, the terms of the tender stipulate that at least three cars in the train should be powered; the length of a subway car should be 18.5–20.5 meters; the maximum length of the subway train should be 96 meters. The train car should be able to accommodate at least 255 passengers, including at least 36 seats.

As previously reported, in 2021, the Dnipro city authorities considered the purchase from CRRC Corporation Limited (China) of subway trains with open inter-car passenger gangways manufactured in Turkey. At that time, the focus was on five-car trains with a capacity of up to 200 passengers.