The Directorate for Construction of the Odesa International Airport, which is a state enterprise, plans to spend UAH 1.1 billion on creation of a new aerodrome complex in 2019.

According to the state enterprise’s draft financial plan for next year, UAH 1.109 billion has been approved for financing the program "Design, Reconstruction, and Construction of the Odesa International Airport Complex" in 2019.

The company plans to adjust the cost estimate to take account of the actual amounts of funding for the program: UAH 500 million in 2017, UAH 1.18 billion in 2018, and UAH 1.109 billion in 2019.

Direct capital investments of UAH 874.254 million in the state enterprise are planned in 2019.

The state enterprise expects to begin operation next year with a net profit of only UAH 83,000.

As the CFTS portal reported, the Cabinet of Ministers allocated UAH 253 million for construction of a runway at the Odesa airport in July this year.

The construction of a new runway will allow the airport to receive heavier aircraft, including Boeing 767 airliners, which will double passenger traffic. The carrying capacity of the new runway will be almost double that of the existing one.