Ukraine International Airlines (UIA) has introduced economy-class ticket prices that do not include baggage allowance on most regular routes from Kyiv to Europe.

The airline has begun selling tickets for flights from Kyiv to Warsaw, Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, London, Helsinki, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Rome, Milan, Venice, Athens, Larnaca, Prague, and Vienna at prices that include "only hand luggage.” The new ticket price is also available on Kyiv-Astana flights.

The press service of UIA promised to comment on this report before the end of the day. The list of destinations to which it is selling tickets without mandatory baggage allowance, as stipulated by Ukrainian regulations, may increase.

As reported, UIA began selling tickets at prices including only hand luggage in February 2016.

Initially, such tickets were sold for flights from Kyiv to Tel Aviv and Vilnius, as well as for flights from Tel Aviv to Kharkiv, Lviv, Dnipropetrovsk, and Odesa.

Later, flights from Kyiv to Riga and Baku, from Odesa to Baku, and from Vinnytsia to Tel Aviv were added to the list.

The airlines El Al, airBaltic, Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, British Airways, Pegasus Airlines, and Wizz Air Hungary sell tickets without baggage allowance for flights to Ukrainian cities. 

The current Ukrainian rules on air transport oblige Ukrainian airlines to provide baggage allowance. However, according to the press service of the Ministry of Infrastructure, sale of tickets without baggage allowance is not a violation.

"However, if a passenger who buys a ticket at this tariff requests free check-in of his baggage and the request is denied, then we can say that a violation has been committed. The passenger can file a complaint with the airline, a court, or the State Aviation Administration," the press service of the ministry said.