The European Union and Ukraine have reached a joint decision to postpone the Ukraine-EU summit that was scheduled for in Brussels on 19 May for several reasons, the Interfax Ukraine news agency reports, citing a diplomatic source within the European Union.

"This was influenced by the decision of EU ambassadors to reject the Ukrainian side’s proposal to prepare a joint final document because of the uncertain situation surrounding the entry of the Association Agreement into force following the failed referendum in the Netherlands and the wait for the results of the referendum on Britain’s exit from the European Union," the source told the news agency on Wednesday 27 April.

According to him, for these reasons, Brussels is not yet ready to offer Ukraine concrete and tangible results of the summit, particular regarding the prospects for introduction of the Association Agreement and the signing of the Common Aviation Area agreement.

"Therefore, it was agreed at the highest level to postpone the summit approximately until the beginning of autumn," the source added.

Official statements about postponement of the summit are expected from Kyiv and Brussels in the near future.