The Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers has approved a resolution regulating Ukraine’s full-fledged operations within the Joint Routing Charge System of the European Organization for the Safety of Air Navigation (Eurocontrol) and allowing introduction of the European system of calculation and collection of route charges for air navigation services provided in Ukraine’s airspace by the Ukrainian State Air Traffic Services Enterprise (UkSATSE).

The Cabinet of Ministers resolution, which was adopted at a meeting on 17 May 2021, regulates Ukraine's relations with Eurocontrol’s expanded Central Route Charges Office (CRCO), which will collect fees for air navigation services provided on routes on behalf of Ukraine as a full member of Eurocontrol.

The Ministry of Infrastructure drafted the resolution “On Amendments to the Cabinet of Ministers Resolutions No. 1548 of 25 December 1996 and No. 460 of 30 June 2015” as part of European integration measures involving connection of Ukraine to Eurocontrol’s Joint Routing Charge System.

"Ukraine is implementing fundamental European principles in the aviation industry, which allow us to be an equal, transparent, and effective partner and participant in the European aviation market. This provides concrete advantages to every participant in the aviation market. For airlines, an open and standardized rate-setting process, annual update of rates, and convenient payment of bills. For UkSATSE, full coverage of its expenditures with its own fees and a guarantee of their full payment by airlines," UkSATSE’s head Andrii Yarmak said.

As a result, Eurocontrol’s Central Route Charges Office will collect fees for UkSATSE’s air navigation services on routes on behalf of Ukraine from 1 November 2021 in accordance with the rates approved for each year.

Ukraine became a member of Eurocontrol in May 2004, but it is the only country not to have connected to the Joint Routing Charge System since then, which made a transparent and efficient procedure for settlements for air navigation service impossible.