The volume of passenger traffic through Ukrainian airports (excluding airports in Donetsk, Lugansk, and Simferopol) reduced by 3.8% to 4.708 million in the period of January-June 2015, compared to the corresponding period of 2014, the Interfax Ukraine news agency reports.

According to data that Interfax Ukraine obtained from the State Aviation Service of Ukraine, passenger traffic on international routes fell by 3% to 4.149 million, including 3.558 million passengers on regular flights, which corresponds to the figure for the first half of 2014.

Passenger traffic on domestic flights reduced by 9.3% to 558,900, including passenger traffic on regular flights, which reduced by 9% to 535,700.

Passenger traffic through the country’s largest airport the – Boryspil international airport – increased by 2.3% to 3.201 million. Passenger traffic through Kiev’s second airport– the Kiev (Zhulyany) airport – reduced by 20.5% to 448,700.

Passenger traffic through the Lviv airport reduced passenger by 7.7% to 234,900, passenger traffic through the Kharkov airport reduced by 38% to 148,100, and passenger traffic through the Odessa airport increased by 1.3% to 421,500.

In addition to the Boryspil and Odessa airports, passenger traffic through the following airports increased in January-June 2015: Zaporozhe by 62% to 50,000 and Kherson from 200 to 24,900.