Ukrainian cities received a total 117 new trolleybuses in 2014. Oleksandr Kava, an adviser to the mayor of Kiev, announced this on his Facebook page, citing preliminary data.

"According to preliminary data,117 new trolleybuses appeared on the streets of Ukrainian cities in 2014, of which only 64 were purchased new from Ukrainian manufacturers and 53 purchased used from the Czech Republic, Poland, Latvia, and the Netherlands," wrote Kava.

According to him, businesses added 46 new and 34 used trolleybuses to their fleets in 2013. Thus, the renewal of fleets was more active this year (117 trolleybuses compared to 80 the previous year), but the numbers of both new and used trolleybuses are increasing.

Six cities (Vinnitsa, Kiev, Donetsk, Nikolayev, Chernigov, and Lvov) received new trolleybuses from manufacturers.

"In terms of the number of new trolleybuses from manufacturing plants, for the first time in recent years the lead in 2014 belongs not to the capital city but to Vinnitsa, on the streets of which 40 new Bogdan T70117 low-floor trolleybuses appeared this year. Kiev is second on this list with 15 new Bogdan T90110 trolleybuses supplied under a project financed by the EBRD," he wrote.

Donetsk received four new trolleybuses from the manufacturer and Nikolayev received two. In addition, products from new manufacturers appeared on the Ukrainian market in 2014: Etalon supplied two trolleybuses to Chernigov and Electron supplied one trolleybus to Lvov.

Regarding used trolleybuses, the largest numbers were bought by Kharkov (14 Skoda 14TrM from Riga), Zhitomir (12 Skoda 14TrM/15TrM from the Czech Republic), and Rivne (10 Jelcz of Lublin).

According to Kava, Kharkov and Zhitomir bought used trolleybuses for the first time this year. In addition, Ternopol and Lutsk received eight trolleybuses each. The former added articulated trolleybuses of the model Skoda 15TrM from the Czech Republic to its fleet and the latter added Jelcz trolleybuses from Lublin.