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Train Composed Of Railcars Donated By Warsaw Already Running On Kyiv Subway’s ‘Green’ Line

The Polish capital has donated 60 subway cars to Kyiv.

Kyiv Subway Receives 12 Additional Subway Cars From Warsaw Metro

It now remains to transport the last train out of the 10 intended for the Kyiv subway .

Kyiv Electric Carriage Repair Plant To Repair Ukrzaliznytsia’s Sleeping Cars

Work could begin in the coming months.

Kyiv Subway Receives 6 More Cars From Poland

The Kyiv subway has received 18 subway cars and 42 more are to be delivered by the end of this year.

40,000 Kyiv Residents Take Shelter Inside Subway Stations During Russian Missile Attack On 29 May

Over 9,000 Kyiv residents took shelter inside subway stations during the air raid at night and over 40,000 during the daytime air raid.

First 6 Cars Donated To Kyiv Subway By Warsaw Ready For Transportation From Poland

They will soon arrive in Kyiv.

Kyiv Subway Planning To Introduce Carriages With Illuminated Route Maps

Illuminated route maps help hearing-impaired passengers and passengers wearing headphones follow the route.

Train Intended For Donation To Kyiv Subway Performs Farewell Trip In Warsaw

The train will now be sent to Ukraine.

USD-36-Million World Bank Loan For Extending High-Speed Tram To Kyiv’s Palats Sportu Subway Station Canceled

The loan was to be provided under a Ukraine-World Bank agreement on the development of urban public transport.

Kyiv To Purchase Open-Gangway Subway Cars

An auction will take place at the end of February.

Modular Benches That Transform Into Beds During Air Raids Installed At Kyiv Subway Stations

Additional modular benches have been installed at 18 subway stations in Kyiv.

Kyiv To Allocate UAH 3.6 Billion For Transport, Transport Infrastructure, And Road Management Projects In 2023

The reconstruction and construction work on sections of the Kyiv Ring Road, the reconstruction of the Shuliavskyi overpass, and the development of the city subway will continue in 2023.

Ukrzaliznytsia Repairs Second Irpin Railway Bridge Destroyed During Fighting

Ukrzaliznytsia completely rebuilt the bridge.

Russia Launched Massive Missile Attack On Ukraine: Energy Infrastructure Facilities Were Damaged

Having no success in the hostilities, the Russians once again resorted to terrorizing the peaceful citizens of Ukraine.

Kyiv To Provide 30 Passenger Buses To Dnipro

This decision was made after Russia destroyed the Dnipro transport company in a night attack involving Iskander missiles.

Ukrainian Company Tatra-Yug Delivered 7 Low-Floor Trams To Kyiv Since The Beginning Of The War

The company also won the tender for the supply of trams to Odesa.

Kyiv Public Transport Stops To Be Equipped With Signboards Showing Nearest Shelters

The city authorities have once again called on passengers to go into shelters and not stay at bus stops during air-raid alerts.

Second Irpin Railway Bridge Destroyed During Defense Of Kyiv Against Russian Troops Undergoing Reconstruction

Pidhirnyi Street will be closed to traffic until 28 August because of emergency repair works.

Kyivpastrans Receives 19 Buses From German Partners

The buses will soon begin operation on routes in the Dniprovskyi and Desnianskyi districts of Kyiv.

Ukrzaliznytsia Modernizes 10 Electric Trains For Kyiv City Express

The company has presented another modernized electric train for the Kyiv metropolitan area.

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