Ukrainian cities received 74 tramcars in 2023, but a significant number of them were not put into operation.

The CFTS portal reported this, citing the publication Alltransua.

Ukrainian cities received 12 new tramcars in 2023: Kyiv received 9 Tatra-Yug K1T306 tramcars, Lviv received 2 Electron T5L64 tramcars, and Odesa received 1 Tatra-Yug K1T306 tramcar.

The deliveries of these tramcars were financed with funds from international financial institutions.

A T3-KVP tramcar (body replacement) was assembled and put into operation in Zaporizhia, but its body was delivered to the relevant company at the end of 2021.

Pre-owned tramcars received as humanitarian aid accounted for the bulk of the tramcars received by Ukrainian cities in 2023. Out of the 60 pre-owned tramcars delivered to Ukrainian cities that year, Vinnytsia received 28 (Tram 2000 tramcars from Zurich, Switzerland), Konotop received 23 (Konstal 105N tramcars from Warsaw, Poland), and Kharkiv received 9 (Tatra T3R.P and Pragoimex T3R.PV tramcars from Plzen, Czech Republic).

Another tramcar (a Tatra T6A5 tramcar from Ostrava, Czech Republic) was used for the overhaul and replacement of the body of a tramcar in Dnipro. This tramcar was delivered in January 2022.

As of the end of 2023, only five tramcars from Warsaw were in operation in Konotop while Kharkiv had not yet put any of the tramcars from the Czech Republic into operation.

The Ostrava Transport Authority (Czech Republic) announced the start of deliveries of pre-owned Tatra T6A5 trams to Konotop in December. A total of 25 tramcars will be delivered. It was announced that the transportation of the trams should be completed by the end of January 2024, but everything will depend on the situation on the Ukrainian border.