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Lviv May Receive 20 Trams From Switzerland

Previously, the Swiss planned to send these trams to Serbia.

Tram Service Suspended In Konotop After Russian Attacks

Odesa Receives Second Low-Floor Tram From Tatra-Yug

Almost five months passed between the delivery of the first and the second trams.

Tenth Electron Low-Floor Tram Goes Into Service In Lviv

Lviv Receives Tenth Electron Tram Under MIU-EIB Joint Project

The new tram will be run in and tested, and its rolling characteristics and braking systems will be checked.

Ukrainian Cities Receive 74 Tramcars In 2023

However, a significant number of them were not put into operation.

Ukrainian Cities Receive 52 Trolleybuses In 2023

Used trolleybuses account for a significant share of the rolling-stock upgrade.

Kamianske Invites Tenders For Supply Of New Trams With EIB Loan Of EUR 14 Million

Currently, the newest tram in Kamianske is a K1 high-floor tramcar that was delivered to the city between 2013 and 2014.

Dnipro Planning EUR-378-Million Modernization Of Tram Network

The city authorities consider this area a priority for reconstruction and are looking for investors.

Attacks By Russian Occupiers Destroy 70% Of City Buses And 50% Of Trams In Kharkiv

In addition, 35 kilometers of overhead wires and almost half of all the city’s roads have been damaged.

Bern To Donate 11 Used Low-Floor Trams To Lviv

The city's tram infrastructure has already been assessed and the condition of the tracks and their suitability for Vevey trams have been checked.

Tram Repaired In Odesa, Air-Conditioning System Installed In Passenger Compartment For First Time

A Tatra T3 tramcar was overhauled.

10 cities of Ukraine purchase electric vehicles for a total of more than UAH 4.5 billion

Ukraine’s Oldest Working Trolleybus Restored In Rivne

The trolleybus is also unique because it is the only two-door trolleybus to be authentically restored.

First 12 Tram 2000 Trams Begin Operating On Vinnytsia Routes

Before the tramcars began operating on Vinnytsia routes, the local transport company adapted them to meet Ukrainian legislative requirements.

Ostrava Transfers 3 Solaris Buses And 25 Tatra Trams To Konotop

The trams are practically in perfect technical condition.

Development Of Public Transport In Ukraine Requires ‘Financial Ramstein’ - Opinion

Simplification of the procedures for cooperating with international financial institutions could improve the financing of cities’ public transport-related procurement.

Legislative Changes, Staff Shortages and Electric Buses: How Cities See the Post-War Recovery of Public Transport

What the participants in the roundtable discussion "Development of Electric Public Transport and Post-War Reconstruction of Ukraine" discussed.

3 More Tram 2000 Tramcars Arrive In Vinnytsia From Switzerland

Transport workers have begun adapting the tramcars to Ukrainian requirements.

Eighth Tram 2000 Tramcar Arrives In Vinnytsia From Switzerland

It is the last of the first tranche of tramcars to be delivered in the second phase of the "Zurich Trams" project.

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