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Ukrainian Company Tatra-Yug Delivered 7 Low-Floor Trams To Kyiv Since The Beginning Of The War

The company also won the tender for the supply of trams to Odesa.

15 Ukrainian Trams Manufactured By Tatra-Yug Delivered To Egypt

The trams were developed according to the individual requirements of the buyer to ensure that it adapts to the country’s specific infrastructural and climatic conditions.

Trams With Ukrainian-Made Cabins Being Delivered To Romania

A Ukrainian company produces tram cabins and salons.

Tatra-Yug Wins Tender For Supply Of Trams To Romania

The Turkish companies Durmazlar and Bozankay and the Polish company Pesa also submitted bids.

Old German Trams Begin Operation On Dnipro City Routes

The city’s leadership plans to increase the number of German trams to 80.

Alstom To Participate In Upgrade Of Urban Transport In Ukraine

The company wants to participate in modernization of subway and tram lines.

Ukraine To Buy 227 Buses, 153 Trolleybuses, 56 Trams With EIB Funds In 2019

The project will be financed with state-guaranteed loans from the EIB.

Tatra-Yug Wins Tender For Supply Of 10 New Trams To Kyiv

Kyiv should receive the new trams before the end of 2019.

Elektron Completes Delivery Of Trams To Kyiv Under 2017 Contract

The new tramcars will perform trial runs over a period of one month.

First Used Trams From Berlin Arrive In Lviv

The trams from Germany are currently located in the customs transit zone at a depot.

Dnipro To Purchase Used Trams From Leipzig

The estimated cost of the tram is about EUR 25,000

Over 30 Leased Trams Operating In Kharkiv

In total, 276 tramcars were in operation in Kharkiv

Lviv-Based Elektrontrans Delivers Second Tram To Kyiv Under New Contract

All the seven trams stipulated in this contract should be delivered to Kyiv by December 29

Vinnytsia May Receive Additional Used Trams From Switzerland

The trams may arrive in Ukraine in 2021.

Pesa Assembles First Of 40 Trams For Kyiv

The entire order is expected to be completed by the end of this year

40 Polish Pesa Trams To Arrive In Kyiv Before End Of Year

The deal will cost UAH 1.813 billion

First Of 10 Trams Planned For 2017 Built In Odesa

The vehicle will begin transporting passengers in Odesa within 2-3 days.

Assembling Of Pesa Trams Could Begin In Kyiv Before End Of Year – Povoroznyk

Kyivpastrans invited fresh tenders for supply of 40 low-floor trams in early June.

Kyivpastrans To Purchase Seven More 30-Meter Trams

Previously Kyiv purchased trams from the Elektrontrans and Tatra Yug companies.

Second 16-Meter VinWay Tram Built In Vinnytsia

The tram will begin operation on city routes within a few days

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