The state-owned Ukrainian Port Authority is working with the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine to implement an agreement between the State Fiscal Service and the World Customs Organization on the use of the World Customs Organization’s Cargo Targeting System (WCO CTS).

According to the Ukrainian Port Authority, a meeting devoted to this issue took place last week. The State Fiscal Service and the Ukrainian Port Authority agreed a procedure for using the preliminary information that representatives of ship owners enter into the Port Community Information System (ISPS) for the operations of the CTS.

The Ukrainian Port Authority and the World Customs Organization have agreed technical issues involving interaction of their information systems.

Increased use of risk analysis with the help of the CTS is expected to increase the operating efficiency of the customs authorities at border crossings and reduce the time spent on customs clearance.

The government of the United States financed the introduction of the CTS system under an export control and border security program. Maintenance of the system will be free.

The WCO Cargo Targeting System (CTS) is a cargo manifest risk assessment solution developed by the WCO to enable its members to carry out international best practice cargo risk assessment to manage risk and facilitate trade.