Ukrainian seaports handled 145.69 million tons of cargo in the period from January to November 2020, which is 1.3 million tons or 0.9% more than they handled in the same period last year.

The Ukrainian Seaports Authority (USPA) announced this in a statement, the CFTS portal reports.

According to the statement, transshipment of export cargo increased by 3.6% to 112.5 million tons and transshipment of cabotage cargo by 22.4% to 2.27 million tons.

Transshipment of imported cargo reduced by 8.3% to 21.74 million tons and transshipment of transit cargo reduced by 10.3% to 9.16 million tons.

"The leaders in terms of transshipment volumes were ore and grain cargoes. The first place was occupied by grain cargoes, the volume of transshipment of which totaled 44.2 million tons. In the second place was ore, the volume of transshipment of which totaled 40.5 million tons or 20.4% more than the volume last year," the statement said.

Transshipment of ferrous metals increased by 9.3% to 15.23 million tons, transshipment of oil increased by 6.8% to 5.7 million tons, and transshipment of crude oil increased by 2.2 times to 1.97 million tons.

Transshipment of containers reached 953,600 TEU, exceeding last year's figure by 4.7%.

As the CFTS portal previously reported, port operators in Ukrainian seaports handled 132.05 million tons of cargo from January to October 2020.