PJSC Ukrainska zaliznytsia (UZ) will order a new brand book with the aim of presenting itself as a "new and efficient company with its own brand and a modern identity." UZ has announced a competition for development of its corporate style, the press service of the company said.

"Development of brand book is an essential stage in the development of the company because it will form the basis for making future marketing decisions and facilitate enhanced recognition of the railway sector, positive assessment of clients, improvement of the company’s image, and improvement of its reputation. A brand book will allow creation of a common ideological and design concept for using graphical and verbal components of the brand and assist in effective promotion of the company's services and approval of internal corporate standards," the press service said.

Companies specializing in development of brand books can submit their business proposals via the e-mail address [email protected] in accordance with the technical specifications.

Proposals from companies will be accepted until 1 December 2015, inclusive.