Parliamentary Deputy Tariel Vasadze, who is the honorary president of the Ukrainian automobile corporation (UkrAvto), believes that the rates of the recycling tax on imported vehicles are unlikely to be raised after abolition of the tax’s adjustment coefficients.

"I do not think they will be raised, they can remain as they are. There are no such initiatives (on raising these rates),” Vasadze told reporters on Monday while commenting on information from importers about plans to raise the base rates of recycling tax, the CFTS correspondent reports.

At the same time, the head of UkrAvto avoided a direct answer when asked whether the rates would suit manufacturers after abolition of the adjustment coefficients. "Primarily, they should suit the people, suit the country, and the money goes not to the plants but to the budget," said Vasadze.

As reported, the recycling tax on imported vehicles came into effect on September 1. It is calculated by multiplying the base rate (UAH 5,500) by an adjustment coefficient, which depends on the class of a vehicle.