The toll fee on concession roads in Ukraine will not exceed 7 eurocents (UAH 2.2) per kilometer. Slawomir Nowak, the acting head of the State Automobile Road Service (Ukravtodor), announced this in an interview with the publication, the CGTS portal reports.

"In Europe, the toll fee is at least 7 eurocents per kilometer. In Ukraine, it will definitely not be higher," he said.

The first concession highway in Ukraine will be the Lviv-Krakovets highway, which will connect Ukraine with the European Union. Construction of this highway has been discussion for many years. It will have a length of 84.4 km.

"We will complete the inspection of all sections of the highway and all the necessary documentation by the end of the year. We must be confident in what are offering the investor. In early 2019, we will prepare a request to the Cabinet of Ministers to announce a concession tender," Novak said.

Investments in the project are expected to be recouped from tolls, as well as from fees for access and maintenance of road service facilities, roadside infrastructure, advertising, logistical centers, and modern communication lines along the highway.

The estimated period of construction of the highway is 4-5 years. Concession is expected to be granted for up to 49 years. The concessionaire will be responsible for construction, maintenance, and repair of the four-lane highway.

According to Nowak, there are currently few applicants for the concession. "Several serious European companies are willing to invest. I think Ukrainian companies will not have such resources, although Ukraine has some rich people. If they are interested, then why not? But I think that European banks and investors will still be more interested," Nowak said.

Infrastructure Minister Volodymyr Omelian recently said that the toll fees on highways in Ukraine could range from 20 to 70 eurocents (UAH 6.63-23.19) per kilometer.