The first concession highway in Ukraine will be built from Lviv to the Ukrainian-Polish border. Slawomir Nowak, the acting head of the State Automobile Road Service (Ukravtodor), announced this while commenting on the adoption of the law on concession roads by the parliament.

"I hope that the first agreement on construction of roads on concession terms will be signed this year. The first concession road will be a road from Lviv to the Ukrainian-Polish border, which will facilitate expansion of economic ties between Ukraine and EU countries," Nowak wrote on his Facebook page.

He was referring to the Lviv-Krakovets highway, construction of which has been under discussion for many years. It will have a length of 84.4 kilometers.

Investment in construction of the highway is expected to be recouped through collection of fares, as well as from fees for access and operation of road service facilities, roadside infrastructure, advertisements, logistics centers, and modern communications lines along the highway.

The approximate period of construction of the highway will be four to five years. The period of concession will be up to 49 years. The concessionaire will be responsible for construction, maintenance, and repair of the four-lane highway, which will be built in accordance with the requirements for category 1-A highways. Approximate travel speed on the highway will be 120 kilometers per hour.

Minister of Infrastructure Volodymyr Omelian said in July 2017 that he hoped that another concession highway would be built from Kyiv to Uman in addition to this highway. 

"It will be a segment of the autobahn connecting the Baltic and Black seas, the so-called Go Highway that stretches from Gdansk to Odesa," Omelian said. According to the minister, construction may begin in 2019.