The Ukrposhta joint-stock postal company has taken delivery of 19 Mercedes-Benz Atego 1218 vans, which are intended for operation on urban and intraregional routes, the company announced in a statement. The vans, which have a capacity of 9.1 tons each, were acquired on lease purchase through the ProZorro electronic public procurement system. 

In total, 266 more vehicles intended for operation on main, urban, and intraregional routes and use for courier deliveries will be added to the company's fleet over the next four months.

"This is a case in which we are adding Mercedes vehicles to a state-owned company’s fleet without being ashamed of doing so… The Atego vans will operate on regional routes, increasing the reliability of Ukrposhta’s transport operations," the company’s First Deputy General Director Oleksandr Pertsovskyi wrote on his Facebook page.

According to Pertsovskyi, this is the most ambitious upgrade of Ukrposhta’s fleet in recent years, and the vehicles were all purchased openly and transparently.

Ukrposhta also announced that it won a grant of USD 514,000 from the Universal Postal Union (UPU) for purchase of 10 additional vehicles with a 4-ton lifting capacity, thanks to the rapid growth in the volume of its international operations and achievement of quality performance indicators.